Biomedical Test Instrumentation

Biomedical Test Instrumentation

Electrical Safety Analyser

es rugged

Patient Moniter Testing


Ventilators and anaesthetic systems testing


Infusion Device Analyzer

infu 2000

Infant Incubator & Radiant Warmer Testing System

vpad in

Electrosurgical Units (ESUs) Analyzer


Defibrillator Analyzers and Pacer Analyzers


Pulse Oximeter Tester


Patient Simulators


Quality, Dependability, and Value…

Datrend Systems Inc. is a Canadian based biomedical engineering company focused

on developing and manufacturing leading edge biomedical instruments and devices

for hospitals, clinics, and medical equipment manufacturers. Since our launch in

1991, Datrend has expanded steadily to serve the global markets. Today, we

have more than 40 authorized distributors and 10 service centers to serve our

customers worldwide.

Datrend subscribes to the regulatory standards and direcives of CSA, UL, FDA,

and the European CE mark. Products are designed and manufactured following

the quality system principles of ISO9001 and FDA QSR/cGMP. Addiionally,

Datrend’s Quality System is registered to ISO13485:2003.

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Datrend System Inc