ADInstruments Education Systems

ADInstruments Education Systems

Bring active learning to your lab, classroom, or online course with our  easy-to-use software platforms, interactive content, and hardware.

Our customizable education systems provide all the experiments, hardware, software, and lessons you need to teach and create a stimulating learning environment that guides your students to connect theory and practice. Students can record and analyze their own biological signals, deepening their understanding of scientific concepts – from introductory to advanced studies.

A typical education system consists of:

  • PowerLab multi-purpose data acquisition hardware
  • An expansive range of transducers and accessories suitable for experiments
  • Learning software including self-guided exercises with blended learning options

Our pedagogically designed software is proven to increase student engagement and improve pass rates, and is flexible to suit your specific teaching and technological requirements


  • Active learning exercises for deepening student understanding
  • Ready-to-teach exercises
  • Complete tools for cardiovascular, respiratory, and psychophysiology teaching exercises plus more
  • Reliable, easy-to-use systems with research-grade hardware and blended learning software
  • Customizable systems with costeffective kits for specialty areas

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