Fire Testing Apparatus

Fire Testing Apparatus


 Thu chay-ISO 1182 instrument

 Thu chay-ISO 5657-kha nang bat lua  Thu chay-ISO 11925 ngon lua don

Non Combustibility Test Furnace, ISO 1182

Apparatus for testing the Ignitability of building products using a radiant heat source, ISO 5657

Single Flame Source Tester, ISO 11925-2

 Thu chay-ISO 5660 con nhiet luong  Thu chay-ISO 9239 chay lan

 Thu chay-ISO 5659-2 thu sinh khoi

Cone Calorimeter,

ISO 5660


Flooring Radiant Panel Apparatus, ISO 9239-1

Smoke Optical Density Chamber, ISO 5659-2

 Thay chay-ISO 4589-3 chi so O2 o T cao  Thu chay-ISO 4589-2 chi so O2 o T thuong  Thu chay-ISO 3795 noi that oto

High Temperature Oxygen Index Apparatus, ISO 4589-3


Oxygen Index Apparatus, ISO 4589-2

Automotives Interiors Flammability Tester, ISO 3795, TCVN 10211:2013

 Thu chay-ISO 6942-quan ao bao ho  Thu chay-ISO 9151-quan ao bao ho-truyen nhiet  Thu chay-ISO 15025 quan ao bao ho-Thu muc lan truyen ngo lua

Protective clothing – Protection Against Heat And Fire Testing Apparatus, ISO 6942

Determination of heat transmission Testing Apparatus, ISO 9151

Flame Spread Basic Apparatus, ISO 15025,  ISO 6940, ISO 6941